About the Network

The goal of the Critical Realism Network is to create a community of scholars and educators with the aim of fostering a dialogue about the direction of contemporary social theory and research. This website serves as the home for learning about critical realism and exchanging insights from our interactions and engagement with faculty, scholars, and students.

Challenging many foundational assumptions of much of American sociology requires a sustained engagement with critical realism, which is why the we are committed to organizing events throughout the year for faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students. We host a number of working groups, symposiums, and conferences, alongside Philosophy of Social Sciences Summer Seminars for graduate students, post-doctoral participants, and junior faculty. These events provide scholars with the opportunity for sustained engagement and to exchange ideas and insights in collaboration with their colleagues.

The primary aim of this website is to provide you with an accessible overview of critical realism beginning with the key texts outlined in the Library and the Reading Plan. By providing a repository of resources, our hope is that they will become a conceptual tool kit for learning about critical realism and exploring how it is being applied in sociology, social sciences, and the humanities more broadly.

In addition to our conferences and symposiums, we also host a Critical Realism Webinar Series which offers monthly webinars with sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists, and political scientists. Click here to view the past webinars with leading critical realists and scholars engaging and analyzing critical theory and research questions.