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The Critical Realist Community

Global organisations

The International Association for Critical Realism, IACR is the global academic society for critical realism, which organises an annual conference and publishes the flagship Journal of Critical Realism. JCR welcomes submissions from scholars in all disciplines and at all stages of their career.

The Centre for Critical Realism: Founded by Roy Bhaskar in 1996, the CCR was responsible for establishing IACR and the journal Alethia, the precursor of the JCR. It continues today as the editorial board of the Routledge Critical Realism book series. We welcome new book proposals. CCR also works to develop the global digital presence of critical realism, including maintaining this web site.

Online groups

The Critical Realism Discussion Group meets online every month or two to discuss a short presentation by one of the members. Past topics have included ‘Critical Realism and Social Theory’, ‘Gender and Intersectionality’, ‘Critical Realism and Ethics’, and ‘Imagination and theory generation’. Please email one of the organisers if you’d like to be added to the mailing list.

There are also a number of reading/discussion groups focused on particular areas, including groups on business/organization, education, theory and several others. Email us if you’d like to get in touch with any of the reading groups. Some can be contacted directly:

  • Angela Dy co-ordinates an international, intersectional WhatsApp group for those interested in CR and Gender. You can find her contact details here.
  • The Crime, Security and Justice network has its own web site, including a contact page if you’d like to get involved.
  • To join or attend the CR and Education reading group, email Caroline Kuhn.
  • The CR theory reading group also welcomes new members – to join contact Onur Ozmen.

A number of the more regionally focused groups listed on the map below also meet online, including:

  • CR Community of Practice: Asia/Pacific/Oceania. To get involved in the group’s monthly meetings, email Catherine Hastings.
  • * NEW! * Americas CR discussion group. To get involved, please contact Sandy Rao.

If you are interested in organising or joining a group, and you don’t see contact details on this page, please email us at and see our suggestions for help with how to organise a group.

Local and regional groups: map

Hover over a pin for details of the group. If you are a local or regional group (large or small!) that supports critical realism and would like to be on the map, please email us at