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Library Resources

Critical realism: A structured reading guide

Philosophy of social science

Critical Realism: Essential Readings edited by Margaret Archer

The Possibility of Naturalism by Roy Bhaskar

Varieties of Social Explanation by Daniel Little

What’s Critical about Critical Realism? by Frederic Vandenberghe


A Realist Theory of Science by Roy Bhaskar

Ontology Revisited by Ruth Groff

Getting Causes from Powers by Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum

Powers and Capacities in Philosophy: The New Aristotelianism by Ruth Groff and John Greco [edited volume]

Engagement with other theorists

Sociology in an Era of Fragmentation by George Steinmetz and Ou-Byung Chae

”The real is relational”: An Inquiry into Pierre Bourdieu’s Constructivist Epistemology by Frederic Vandenberghe [article]

Reconstructing Humants by Frederic Vandenberghe [article]

The Reflexive Habitus: Critical Realist and Bourdieusian Social Action by Claire Decouteau [article]

The Reality of Social Construction by Dave Elder-Vass

Disassembling Assemblage Theory by Dave Elder-Vass [article]

Searching for Realism,Structure and Agency in Actor-Network Theory by Dave Elder-Vass [article]

The Resources of Critique by Alex Callinicos

Realism, Discourse, Deconstruction by Jonathan Jospeh and John Michael Roberts [edited volume]