Upcoming Webinars

The Critical Realism Network Webinar Series focuses on questions of morality, ethics, and values, and how the social sciences can contribute to these topics.

Critical Realist and Postpositivist Realist Feminisms: Toward a Feminist Dialectical Realism


Presenter: Professor Laura Gillman, Virginia Teach

Date and Time: Available soon.

Meeting Description: 35 minute lecture followed by a Q&A


Registration Coming Soon.

The Sociology of Morality


Presenter: Professor Steve Hitlin, The University of Iowa

Date and Time: December 14, 12:00 – 1:30 EST

Meeting Description: 35 minute lecture followed by a Q&A with Professor Philip Gorski (Yale University)


Abstract: The scientific study of morality is undergoing something of a renaissance over the last decade. While sociology was once central to this enterprise, the study of morality had gone out of fashion until recently. This webinar will discuss how one can think about and empirically measure morality, and will outline how sociological can contribute to an interdisciplinary dialogue. I will then talk about a couple of ongoing empirical projects as examples attempting to bridge a sociological understanding of morality with more conventionally psychological treatments.