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Does critical realism enable social scientists to do better empirical work?

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Real Types vs Ideal Types

Professor George Steinmetz & Philip Gorski


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Real Types vs Ideal Types


Professor George Steinmetz (University of Michigan Ann Arbor)

Professor Philip Gorski (Yale University)

Abstract: in discussing explanation of social phenomena, including systems of meaning, Weber develops the concept of an ideal type. For Weber the ideal type:

‘‘It is not a description of reality but it aims to give an unambiguous means of expression to such a description . . . An ideal type is formed by the one-sided accentuation of one or more points of view and by the synthesis of a great many diffuse, discrete, more or less present and occasionally absent concrete individual phenomena, which are arranged according to those one-sidedly emphasized viewpoints into a unified analytical construct’’

But where does this leave realism? … is it possible to have real types? and if so, what would they look like? how would we construct them? how would we avoid the problem of one-sidedness? and how would we use them in our explanations?