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Announcing the launch of the Critical Realism Network – Asia Pacific

We are pleased to announce the launch of the CRITICAL REALISM NETWORK – ASIA PACIFIC (CRN-AP) which is network of educators, philosophers, social scientists and thinkers, living and working in the Asia Pacific region, who are committed to engendering a rich exchange of ideas about critical realism.

CRN-AP’s logo expresses the critical realist commitment to judgmental rationality by capturing not only the transitive dimension of knowing–the perspectival and finite nature of human knowing (epistemic relativism)–but also, its intransitive dimension–a reality independent of the knower (ontological realism). The CRN-AP logo is designed by Lui Villaluz.

Since its inception in August of 2017, the CRN-AP is growing rapidly with membership increasing every day with members from seven Asia Pacific countries (Japan, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia).

The network wishes to be an online cafe for practitioners and students of critical realism. Everyone who has an interest in understanding and promoting critical realism is welcome, whether you’re a professional philosopher, social scientist, educator, or just a person seeking a way of making sense of this “beautiful, messy world” of ours.

Click here to join the Critical Realism Network for Asia Pacific! Kindly email us at if you have any questions and clarifications.

CRN-AP Contact Information:
Fr. Johnny C. Go, S.J.