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Applications invited to the Bhaskar Memorial Fund

The Bhaskar Memorial Fund

A sustainable, diversified global society in which the free flourishing of each is a condition of the free flourishing of all. This, for Roy Bhaskar (1944-2014), is the core objective (moral alethia) of the human species.

The Bhaskar Memorial Fund seeks to promote this objective by making modest grants to assist scholars working within the framework of critical realism and the philosophy of metaReality. Grants will not normally exceed £500.

Preference will be given to those with greater need, e.g. scholars from non-OECD-type countries, or on the lower rungs of the academic ladder, or postgraduate students.

The Fund is financed by royalties paid to the Bhaskar Estate. It is administered by a committee comprised of Bhaskar’s literary executors, Hilary Wainwright and Mervyn Hartwig or their nominees; the Treasurer of the Centre for Critical Realism, Sean Vertigan or his nominee; and a nominee of the International Association for Critical Realism.

Applications should indicate briefly what purpose the grant is intended to serve and how this relates to the philosophy of critical realism. A short CV should be included. Applications will be considered once a year, in July. They should be sent to Sean Vertigan by email attachment <>, reaching him no later than 1st July.