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Pragmatism and critical realism: Call for papers

Are you interested in the relationship between pragmatism and critical realism? Would you like to publish a paper about it? The Journal of Critical Realism has invited submissions for a special issue. Here’s the text from the call for papers:

“The relationship between pragmatism and critical realism is open to many interpretations. On the one hand, compared to more traditional approaches, the two approaches share a post-positivist, post-foundationalist perspective; and both make fallibilism central to their understanding of knowledge. On the other hand, pragmatists are wary (to say the least) of critical realism’s commitment to a realist ontology. The situation is complicated by the diversity of pragmatist perspectives and indeed the variety of interpretations of critical realism. To what extent are these two traditions in conflict? Are there complementarities or opportunities for productive synthesis? And how do these tensions work out when these philosophies are put to use in the social sciences?

“Papers are invited for a special issue of Journal of Critical Realism which examine any aspect of the relationship between pragmatism and critical realism, from any disciplinary perspective. We are interested both in the abstract philosophical questions and the challenges that arise in applying these perspectives to more concrete issues.”

The special issue is guest edited by Dave Elder-Vass and Karin Zotzmann, and the deadline for submissions is 31st July 2021. See the JCR site for submission links.