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Videos from UCL course on critical realism

Guest post by Priscilla Alderson.

The 2022 critical realism Zoom course for beginners, based on Roy Bhaskar’s course for doctoral students, was convened by Priscilla Alderson and Rob Faure Walker at University College London. It is now on YouTube

 The sessions include: introductions to basic critical realist concepts and frameworks; researchers talking about how they have applied these concepts; structure and agency (session 2); values and power (3); applied critical discourse analysis (4); four planes of social being (5); MELD and stages of transformative change (6); MetaReality (8); changing the world (9); seven commitments for social research (10). Speakers include Dougas Porpora, Leigh Price and Andrew Sayer.

The course is based on one convened by Roy Bhaskar at the Institute Of Education during 2007-2014.

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