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Update on Critical Realism in Poland

The first issue of the Polish Journal of Critical Realism will probably come out at the end of March or the beginning of April. Texts have already been received for the first issue. Funding has been secured for the Journal as a quarterly’ with its fourth issue in English each year. It also covers the costs of translating foreign texts into Polish and from Polish (or other Eastern European languages) into English. There is an article by the eminent Polish theorist of sociology, Andrzej Wójtowicz, who has lately been reading extensively in CR and writes about the hopes that CR opens up for sociology, as well as about the problems that a sociologist using this paradigm may encounter. 

Funding has also been awarded for a research project (three years) devoted to “religious freedom in Poland”, based upon a CR ontology and methodology. Would anyone interested in being involved or updated on this project please contact Krzysztof Wielecki. Finally, the Academy of Applied Sciences in Szczecin wishes  to honour Maggie Archer and Doug Porpora with the title of Honorary Professors of the Academy, perhaps in October at the start of the academic year.