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Annual Critical Social Ontology Workshop – Call for Papers

Zoom format – March 25 & 26 , 2023

The Critical Social Ontology Workshop is an interdisciplinary venue for radical thinking about the metaphysics of irreducibly social phenomena. Core members of CSOW are Ruth Groff (Coordinator), Sally Haslanger, Tony Lawson, Doug Porpora, Vanessa Wills and Charlotte Witt.

We invite paper proposals for the 2023 meeting of the Workshop, to be held via Zoom due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. As always, we welcome contributions the aim of which is to address fundamental issues of social ontology (and/or foundational meta-theoretical issues that have implications for social ontology) in ways that shed light upon and/or offer alternatives to existing positivist; Humean; post-modern; or other orthodoxies in philosophy and social science.

CSOW meetings are intended to be supportive, working conferences. Each presenter is given 30 minutes on the program. We hope to eventually be able to publish some or all of the proceedings of the CSOW annual meetings in one way or another (we will keep you posted as we move forward with these plans).

The Critical Social Ontology Workshop is unfunded. Since we will be on-line again, there will be no cost to participate this year. We will, however, require that those who participate be registered to do so. Let us know if you’d like to take part but can’t give a paper.

To submit a paper proposal:

Send an e-mail to BOTH AND

in which you provide the following:

(1) a title;

(2) a short abstract (~200 words, though less is fine) that includes a direct statement of what the driving claim of the presentation will be (i.e., “I will argue that … “); your argument may well be in the preliminary or exploratory stage, and it doesn’t have to be fancy, but formulating the abstract in this way allows us to see clearly what the point of your presentation will be;

(3) your contact information & institutional affiliation (if you have one), including whether or not you are a graduate student.

Please do adhere to these guidelines.

Deadline for proposals: Wednesday, March 1st, 2023.