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Polish Critical Realists honour Margaret Archer and publish new journal

Guest post by Dr Joanna Smoluk-Stachowska.

In order to commemorate Margaret Archer and to show how much her work meant to Polish researchers, the Interfaculty Department of Critical Realism in Szczecin is organising a special seminar “Margaret Archer In Memoriam” on 29.06.2023 from 3 to (CEST), during which various professors will talk about their personal contacts with Prof. Archer, the influence of her thought on their research, etc. The meeting is open and will be held in Polish in a hybrid format – here’s the link to join the meeting via Teams.

We are also planning to publish (till the end of June) a special issue of the Polish Journal of Critical Realism in online form, dedicated exclusively to memories of Prof. Archer. This issue will be translated into English at a later date and made available via the CRN website.

The first two issues of the journal should be published soon in Polish. Among others, they include an interview with Professor Archer on her life and thought, articles on morphogenesis, news from the life of the Interfaculty Department of Critical Realism in ANS TWP in Szczecin as well as  from the IACR community and Polish translations of English critical realist texts. 

Future numbers will have the possibility of publishing 2 articles in a foreign language from European researchers. All are very welcome to submit their articles. Each fourth issue during the year is planned to be entirely in English including English translations of Polish critical realist texts to show English-speaking readers how critical realism thought is developing in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. The online version of the PCJR and all editorial information are available at (english version under construction):

Finally, we are also organising an international conference in October. The conference will be hybrid and bilingual, so presentations can be in English. For full details in English, including the registration form and call for papers, please visit the conference website:

For more details of the Interfaculty Department of Critical Realism, visit our IDCR website, where you can find all the information about our seminars, the events we are organising and an archive of recordings of meetings that have already taken place – for now, everything in Polish only.

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