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Critical Realism Matters Webinar Series: Critical Realism, Feminism and Gender

Wednesday 24 June 2020, 04:00-5.30 pm London time (click here for your local time)


  • Leigh Price
  • Radha d’Souza
  • Tony Lawson
  • Lena Gunnarsson
  • Steph Grohmann
  • Michiel Van Ingen

This webinar aims to showcase the contributions and potential of critical realist philosophy of science for the fields of feminist and gender studies. Currently, these fields are plagued by persistent splits and disagreements. In attempting to alleviate  these issues, critical realist feminist philosophers explicitly engage with ontological and epistemological explorations, seeking thereby to overcome uncertainty and acrimony and inform methodology, methods, and empirical research. The latest example is the recently published book Critical Realism, Feminism and Gender: A Reader. This volume brings together four new and eight existing resources to provide both a focal point and a timely contribution to renewed discussions about the (potential and actual) contributions of critical realist philosophy to feminism and gender scholarship.The editors of the book, as well as some of the featured authors, will join the panel. 

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