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Critical realism and gender video available on YouTube

Critical Realism Matters is a series of webinar events held to showcase and celebrate the enormous potential of critical realism. The latest webinar, on Wednesday 24 June 2020, celebrated the launch of the new edited book Critical Realism, Feminism and Gender: A Reader in the Routledge critical realism book series.

The webinar, chaired by Leigh Price from the Centre for Critical Realism (CCR), gave the editors an opportunity to discuss the significance of critical realism for current debates in feminist and gender research with Radha D’Souza from the University of Westminster and Tony Lawson from Cambridge University. We’re pleased to announce that a recording of the webinar is now available on our YouTube channel.

As well as hosting the #CRMatters webinar series, the CCR acts as the editorial board for the Routledge critical realism series and welcomes new book proposals.