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ECR Critical Realism One Day Event (UK)

Critical realism ‘provides a way of thinking about the world which draws on social theory to seek explanations for social phenomena, alongside analytical tools to support data collection and data analysis’ (Stutchbury, 2021: 113). Critical realism, and allied theories within social realism, offer powerful explanatory frameworks for creating nuanced, careful explanations of the what, how, and why of social phenomena in fields as diverse as education, public health, musicology, climate change, accountancy and sport.   

In this one-day colloquium, funded by the British Sociological Association, we would like to bring together early career researchers working with critical and social realist tools and approaches to learn about one another’s research, to deepen our understanding of these theoretical and analytical tools, and to create a community of scholars who can continue to share their research and support one another after the colloquium. The colloquium will include an opening address by an established scholar in the field of critical realist studies, individual paper presentations and interactive workshops on aspects of using these tools and approaches in research.  

We are inviting early career scholars, including doctoral candidates, to submit proposals for short paper presentations on the following topics:  

  1. How I understand critical and/or social realism in my study.  
  1. How I am using critical and/or social realist tools to generate and analyse my data.  
  1. How I am using critical and/or social realist theory with additional theories.  
  1. Possible limitations of or challenges to critical and social realism.  

We would also welcome proposals from scholars who wish to facilitate an interactive workshop for colleagues that can provide an opportunity for collective learning about and engagement with aspects of critical and social realism.  

Abstracts for paper presentations should be between 250 and 300 words.  

Abstracts for workshops should be between 350 and 400 words. Please include a clear sense of possible interactive activities for participants and workshop outcomes or goals.  

Location: Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK.   

Registration fees: BSA members £5, non-members £15.   

Important dates:  

Deadline for submission: Extended! Monday 8th May 2023. 

Feedback on abstracts: Monday 22nd May 2023.  

Colloquium date: Monday 10th July 2023.   

Please send submissions or any queries to Stephanie King (PGR)    

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